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Retirement Planning

When can I retire? How long will my money last?

We can help.

Are you getting confused or overwhelmed by all the contradictory information out there about what you need to retire?

We have developed a specialized tool that can be customized to your situation. It takes into account your:

then projects when you can retire and how much you can draw each year in retirement, based on how much you need for your desired standard of living.

39% of Canadians don’t feel they’ll ever have enough to retire.

Flaws of the CPP survivors benefit: The Cost of a Strong Canada Pension Plan.

We can also help answer questions like:

  • When should I start taking OAS and CPP?
  • How can I minimize taxes when I draw from my RRSP?
  • When should I buy an annuity or convert my RRSP to a RRIF?

Having a comfortable retirement doesn’t just happen. It takes planning. And it’s never too early—or to late—to develop your plan.

Over 50% of Canadians Don’t Have a Retirement Plan

Talk to us today and let’s develop your retirement plan. As independent financial planners, our advice is 100% objective.