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Estate Planning and Filing

Being the executor of an estate can be overwhelming at an already trying time. Worst of all, if you miss a detail, you could be exposed to legal and financial risks.

Here are some of the common questions executors ask us:

  • What taxes are due after someone dies?
  • Why does the estate have to go through probate?
  • How much can I pay myself as executor?
  • Will I owe tax for being the executor?

Having a co-executor of the estate or complicated assets (like the deceased owning a small business) can make the process even more complicated.

You don’t have to go through this alone. We have 25 years’ experience helping executors just like you. We’ll work with you and your lawyer to ensure

  • the estate is executed efficiently
  • the tax impact is minimal
  • you are protected from any personal liability

Call us today and we’ll make a challenging responsibility a little easier.

Read The Wealthy Barber on why a DIY approach for executors is often unwise.

Estate Planning

One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones—and yourself—is the peace of mind of a well-planned estate. 

We can help plan yours to:

  • avoid or minimize probate
  • pay minimal taxes
  • be executed quickly and with little complication
  • consider all your investments, including any businesses you own