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Corporate Year Ends

Let us take the stress out of filing your year-end corporate income taxes. We’ll ensure you:

  • get your return in on time
  • pay the required tax owing (and no more)
  • stay on the right side of the CRA and minimize your chances of being selected for audit

Business year-end corporate income tax service includes:

  • preparing and filing your T2 corporate income tax return
  • providing you with a professionally prepared set of financial statements, including a balance sheet and income statement, on a notice to reader basis
  • being your representative with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) (so you don’t have to talk to them)

You’ll also receive sound advice on questions like:

  • Should I pay myself in dividends or salary?
  • Can I pay dividends to or split income with my family?
  • How much can I write off for my home office?
  • How can I make my business more profitable?

If you need additional assurances, like a review or audit engagement, we can manage that process for you.

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