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Here are some resources to assist you for your financial & tax needs. If what you are looking for isn’t available below – please contact us.


2020 Personal Income Tax Checklist (PDF, printable) 2019 Personal Income Tax Checklist (PDF, printable) 2018 Personal Income Tax Checklist (PDF, printable)2017 Personal Income Tax Checklist (PDF, printable)2016 Personal Income Tax Checklist (PDF, printable)2015 Personal income tax checklist (PDF, printable)Corporate – Income Tax Checklist (PDF, printable)

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  • Want to reduce your chances of being audited?
    • The most important thing you should do is to always file on time whether it is personal or corporate income tax, HST or payroll.  Even if you cannot pay the amount owing, you should always file on time.  Many people think that since they cannot pay the amount owing they might as well avoid filing until they have the means to pay.  CRA will come after you anyway and you will end up with late filing penalties.
    • What else does the CRA look for?